Soaring like an Eagle

Soaring like an eagle ? is a career transitioning program LIFE offers to graduates seeking a grad program at one of many esteemed organisations. But how does a graduate choose an organisation and career path that fits with their education, skill set, aspirations, interests, and more? It isn’t just about studying for a degree in commerce for instance with a major in accounting then finding a job as an accountant. It’s all in the fit. There are some important things to consider when making a decision about the best fit. When working out your fit you may like to [...]

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Tips for Smooth Transitions

Welcome to my blog on transitions. Transitions are hard! It is something expressed often from clients. At the Life Institute, we employ both customised and well-practised strategies to help our clients manage transitions well. There are many transitions that we can help you with as we have accumulated extensive knowledge, experience and wisdom about the psychology of transitions and what can work to help you through them smoothly. We offer support in areas, such as career transitions, from subject selection for students using the Morrisby careers test, to clarity for career changers and success with getting the job you want, [...]

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