Support for Critical LIFE Transitions

Find my calling

Career coaching and counselling for successful career transitions

Work is an essential part of our daily lives. It provides a sense of purpose, opportunities to make connections with people, and of course, for many in paid work, money to live. Given the amount of time a person spends working, it is no surprise that most of us wish to find a job, and even forge a career that fits with our unique capabilities, talents, motivations, interests, values, personality and more. In a nutshell, we want to find our calling in life. Areas of support Finding a great job – Advising on subject selection for school - Consulting for the Morrisby careers test - Choosing a suitable study program – Preparing for a Graduate program – Obtaining a traineeship or apprenticeship – Making a sustainable career change – Seeking a positive work culture – Setting up a business – Working for a promotion – Coaching for your current job – Re-entering the workforce after an extended break – Providing Outplacement services - Gearing up for a gap adventure – Identifying some meaningful volunteer work – Retiring gracefully? How we do it? We provide consulting, counselling, coaching and training to anyone seeking support during a career transition, in person and online. READ MORE

Family transitions

Stages and events in life often force transitions in families causing dynamics and relationships to change. One of these is becoming a parent. Another is ageing. We are able to help you develop and improve your parenting skills from the early years through to primary years, teenage years and beyond. In addition, we are able to help you navigate the complex web of aged care and optimise your relationship with your ageing loved ones. What support we offer LIFE offers a suite of support services to suit your family needs. These support services include: one on one counselling either face to face in our rooms, online or on the phone; group seminars at your home, community centre, or workplace; and group webinars. See below for a description of the topics for seminars and webinars. READ MORE

Newcomer transitions

Whether studying as an overseas student, migrating permanently, or simply visiting Australia temporarily, the move stimulates a multitude of changes in your life, such as communicating in English, adapting to Australian culture, participating effectively in a class, making friends with locals, finding a job and being successful at work, navigating government systems, and much more. We can help you to make a successful transition to Australia so that you or you and your family are happy and settled.

AUSSIE program

The AUSSIE program run by Life Institute For English is a support program to help newcomers transition successfully to their life in Australia. AUSSIE stands for:
  • ACTIVITIES that help students
  • UNDERSTAND Australian culture and lifestyle that are
  • SAFE and encourage positive
  • SOCIAL and life experiences that lead to
  • ENGLISH language environment

Work transitions

Workplaces change in response to changing markets, societal needs, legal regulations, leadership styles, and much more in order to be sustainable as a business, organisation, institution, government department, or other entity. We can assist with the management of the change process and the people resources in order to make it a successful and enduring transition. READ MORE