Newcomer Transitions

Whether studying as an overseas student, migrating permanently, or simply visiting Australia temporarily, the move stimulates a multitude of changes in your life, such as communicating in English, adapting to Australian culture, participating effectively in a class, making friends with locals, finding a job and being successful at work, navigating government systems, and much more. We can help you to make a successful transition to Australia so that you or you and your family are happy and settled.

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AUSSIE program

The AUSSIE program is a support program to help newcomers transition successfully to their life in Australia.

AUSSIE stands for:


Activities that help newcomers


understand Australian culture and lifestyle that are


safe and encourage positive


social and life experiences that lead to


integration and inclusion in an


English language environment

The AUSSIE program includes:

For safety success – For overseas students, orientation for student accommodation or families migrating, orientation for housing and schools, neighbourhood, personal safety, transport, medical, visa requirements;

For academic success – English language tutoring, Participating in group work, Participating in the classroom, Developing critical thinking, analysis and creativity skills, Study skills, Techniques for special learning needs organised by counselor;

For cultural success – Australian culture available as podcast, in English and Chinese, Game show , Seminar (PowerPoint), Australian political system (sbs), How to do Anzac Day the multicultural way (sbs);

For social success – Making local friends, Managing social media and staying safe online, Pronunciation/elocution lessons, Deportment, make up lessons, grooming/dressing, manners including table, personal style, hygiene.

For life success – coaching on developing resilience, accountability, emotional intelligence, and more.

For career success – Morrisby careers test, Goal setting , Resume writing for part time uni Jobs and career jobs , Preparation for job interviews, Networking for your career;

For personal success – Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, Coping strategies for home sickness, Understanding and Managing stress, Personalized coping therapies (e.g., sound therapy, tapping, exercise, cooking, journal writing, etc.) organised by counselor;

Just for fun – Excursions, Many and varied, Preparation programs may include water safety, bushfire safety, travel safety.

LIFE has developed a comprehensive education program which assists new arrivals to Australia.

The program is 2 hours in length with an additional 2 hour audio/podcast on how Australian history has shaped the Australian culture.

Suitable for anyone interested in Australian Culture, including overseas students, migrants, expats and tourists.

The full program is also available in Mandarin Chinese including the audio.

Relocation transitions

Moving is one of the hardest transitions that a person can experience as it stimulates a multitude of changes that someone has to cope with, often simultaneously. Moving to a new country only adds to the complexity of the move and to stress levels spiraling out of control. LIFE assists individuals, couples and families to transition successfully to Australia whether it is a temporary move to study or work, or a permanent move to migrate. LIFE can help with providing advice on the practical aspects of moving, such as visas, finding a job, housing, finances, identifying suitable schools, adjusting to student life in Australia, , as well as the more personal aspects of understanding Australian culture, learning English and managing the emotional transition.

Allow us to tailor a support transition program to make your move a smooth one.

English Tutoring

LIFE can help you with your English. Need an essay checked, some extra tutoring on some aspect of grammar that you are finding difficult, or some conversational practice, LIFE is happy to assist.

Contact us here.

Feedback from Newcomer Transition clients

When we first arrived in Australia from China everything was new and it felt exciting. But at the same time, there was a lot of uncertainty and a lot we didn’t understand, which we found stressful.

New arrivals from China,
I really enjoyed listening to Dr Julie talk about Australian culture even though I have been in Australia a while now. It always helps me to understand better.
Maribyrnong City Council, Footscray library,
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