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LIFE teaches English language skills to improve workplace communications.


Many Australian workplaces are diverse and English language skills are too. In any organisation, communications are integral to business success, and poor English language skills can impede quality decision making, collaboration, leadership, performance, and much more. At LIFE, we believe people can improve their English language skills in a conducive environment, one that is supportive and nurturing, whereby the values of respect, patience and perseverance are normal practice. We provide such an environment!

Supporting Work Transitions - LIFE Institute

Who we teach


  • We teach English language skills to staff at all levels of an organisation.
  • We teach English language skills to staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • We teach English language skills to staff from diverse job roles such as engineering, administration, management, operations, and more.

  • We teach English language skills to staff with low literacy skills.

What we teach

  • Writing for a board paper
  • Writing for a tender
  • Writing for a capital application
  • Writing for a report
  • Writing for an email
  • Writing for a resume

A good presentation starts with a well written story. A story has good structure, with a beginning, middle and end. A good story flows well and is easy for the reader to follow. A good story is clear and coherent. A good story engages the reader. LIFE can help staff to present a business need in the format of a story that is transparent, persuasive, and compelling, and importantly, is NOT on PowerPoint.

How we work

We come to your workplace and run workshops for small groups and continue to provide one on one personalised English language coaching as required.

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