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Work is an essential part of our daily lives. It provides a sense of purpose, opportunities to make connections with people, and of course, for many in paid work, money to live. Given the amount of time a person spends working, it is no surprise that most of us wish to find a job, and even forge a career that fits with our unique capabilities, talents, motivations, interests, values, personality and more. In a nutshell, we want to find our calling in life.

The world of work continues to change rapidly due to advances in technology and the prevalence of globalisation. For those already in the workforce, this can lead to a need to retrain or upskill, or opportunity to leverage transferable skills into a different sector, industry or role. For students entering the workforce, and embarking on careers, it is an important time for decision making with regard to subject and course selection. Such scenarios for anyone can be anxiety provoking, gnaw away at one’s confidence and lead to a loss of direction.

The needs of workplaces change too for a plethora of other reasons which may force a career transition for some employees and subsequently the need for outplacement services.

Individual circumstances are also not immune to the constancy of change. A person may not enjoy the toxic culture of their work, they may not get along with their boss, feel they don’t fit in with the team at work, they may enjoy being challenged but the work is mundane, they may feeling restless and are seeking a promotion or move within the organization, they may sustain an injury which impacts on their ability to perform tasks, they may find university life isolating, or the course selected to be the wrong choice. The catalyst for a change in one’s career direction can be multifaceted.

What we offer

One on one Career Coaching and Counselling

Your coach will:

  • Guide you through the career Coaching and Counselling process
  • Develop a career profile with you which will identify your aptitudes, knowledge, skills, experience and accomplishments, interests (people, information or things), work style, personality, work cultural fit, values, motivations, quirks and more.
  • Explore career and/or study options and subject selection, recommend suitable job titles/courses to study to match your career profile, impart knowledge of the labour market and where the jobs are, and assist you to set realistic career/study goals.
  • Assist you to prepare a professional resume (with ats compatibility), write a convincing cover letter, and respond to key selection criteria for selected jobs.
  • Teach you how to conduct productive job searches using a variety of methods including face to face networking, online networking such as LinkedIn, other social media platforms such as Facebook, google and wechat, job boards and websites, and recruitment companies.
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment to practice answering questions for behavioural interviews, and to negotiate an attractive employment contract.

By participating in this career process with your coach you will:

  • Gain clarity about your story;
  • Be able to articulate your career goals;
  • Develop confidence in yourself;
  • Build skills to manage your career going forward;
  • Understand the labour market;
  • Be clear about your career direction;
  • And to be equipped to find your calling not only now but for the future to meet the ever changing world of work.

Career education and resources

  • The members lounge is full of educational materials that can assist with a successful career transition including you tube videos, live webinars, webinar recordings, tip sheets, resume templates, labour market resources, the find my calling workbook, tools and more.

Topics include:

  • What to expect after graduating from school
  • Opportunities for gap programs
  • Understanding the job market and the future of work
  • Getting a grip of the gig economy
  • Creating my portfolio career
  • Goal setting for my career
  • Writing resumes, cover letters and key selection criteria responses
  • Honing your networking skills and optimising LinkedIn
  • Preparing for psychometric testing
  • Interviewing for job success
  • Getting a graduate position
  • Deportment and personal styling for career success
  • Paving a path for a smooth career transition
  • Staying optimistic after a job loss
  • Dealing with a difficult boss
  • Coping with a growing workload
  • Managing bullying at work
  • Finding a healthy work, life and family balance
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Understanding Australian culture and adapting to Australian work culture
  • Managing mental health at work

Families subscribing to LIFE On Line

LIFE offers subscriptions to LIFE On Line for individuals/families with parenting/caring responsibilities.

What does your subscription cover:

  • Family Support Webinars covering over 50 topics (includes chat/question forum run by LIFE’s team of health professionals)
  • Recordings of Family Support Webinars
  • LIFE Tip Sheets covering over 50 topics
  • Family Support Resources (Seniors Organiser, Friends Booklet, Good Manners Booklet, Safety on the Internet presentation, Drugs Presentation, etc.)
  • Support Booklists

Family Support Webinar topics:

Caring for the Parent/Carer – Transitioning back to work after parental leave, Managing Work and Family Stress, Stop screaming at the children and dumping on your family, Positive involvement in the school, Strategies to get adult kids out of the house!

Parenting/Caring for children

For young children 0 – 5 years – Dealing with Aggression in children, Tackling Tantrums, Establishing good sleeping habits for the whole family, Healthy eating for the whole family, Reducing personality clashes in family dynamics, Keeping children safe, Helping children to cope with fears and nightmares.

For primary children 6 – 12 years – Strategies to deal with bullying, Making and keeping Friends, Coping with Homework, Building resilience in your child, Your child’s moral development, Managing Screen time.

For Teenage children and Young adults 13 – 25 years – Educating parents and their teenage and adult children about the dangers of Drugs, Establishing good study habits for high school, Motivating your teenager, Managing HSC Stress, Safe use of the internet, Career transitioning.

Ageing – Transitioning to retirement, Caring for an ageing loved one, Moving a loved one to an aged care facility.

Work/Life Balance – Managing flexibility for mangers, Managing flexibility for employees.

Resilience – Striking a healthy Work/Life/Family Balance, Dealing with bullying at school, Dealing with bullying at work, Coping with a growing workload, Parenting in culturally diverse families, Coping with grief, Helping a depressed or anxious family member/friend, Moving with children, Making a smooth transition to parenthood, Separation, divorce, step families, Sibling rivalry, Parenting a shy child, Finding other strategies to manage children’s behaviour.

Recordings of Webinars:

If a participant cannot attend a webinar, they can view the recording of it at their leisure.

Tip Sheet Topics:

Early Years – Dealing with Aggression, Biting, Coping with a crying baby, Establishing good eating habits, Helping children deal with fears and nightmares, Making and Keeping friends, Talking about love in relationships, Children and lying, The New Parent, Making the most of your child’s personality and temperament, Rewards for children, Sleeping like a baby, Smacking, Starting School, Tackling Tantrums, Setting limits with television/Screen time, Keeping children safe around water, Coping with the demands of a travelling Spouse, Striking a healthy Work/Life/Family Balance.

Primary Years – Dealing with aggression, Dealing with Bullying and bullies, Empathy & Gratefulness, Family Meetings, Friends: Making and Keeping Friends, Teaching children to listen, Children and Lying, Motivating your children, Making the most of your child’s personality and temperament, Rewards for children, Stop screaming at the children, Sorting out sibling rivalry, Establishing good study Habits, Setting boundaries for TV/Screen Time.

Teenage Years – Dealing with aggression, Sorting out back-chatting, Dealing with drugs, Family Meetings, Making and Keeping Friends, Understanding gender differences, Reducing HSC Stress, Children and lying, Motivating children, Peer Pressure, Making the most of your child’s personality and temperament, Rewards for children, Establishing good study habits, Understanding teenagers, Setting boundaries with TV/Screen Time, Internet Safety.

Resilience – Striking a healthy Work/Life/Family Balance, Dealing with bullying at school, Parenting in culturally diverse families, Drugs and your teenager, Helping children cope with nightmares and fears, Making and Keeping Friends, Teaching kids to be considerate and grateful, Coping with grief, Talking about love, Helping a depressed or anxious family member/friend, Moving with children, Making a smooth transition to parenthood, Peer pressure and influence, Pros and Cons of rewarding children, Starting School, Separation, divorce, step families, Stop shouting at the children, Sibling rivalry, Parenting a shy child, Finding other strategies to manage children’s behaviour, Tackling Tantrums, Strategies to cope with a travelling Spouse.

Ageing – Caring from a distance, Caring for the Carer, Aged Care Options, Dealing with Grief, Grand parenting.

Family Support Resources – Good Manners Activity book, Friends Booklet, Seniors Organiser, Drugs Presentation, Internet Safety Presentation and more as they are developed.

Family Support Booklists – Early Years, Primary Years, Teenage Years, Resilience, Ageing.

Webinar presenters

Webinars are run by health professionals – registered psychologists, nurses, doctors and teachers.
Read more about our presenters.

Newcomer Transitions and LIFE online membership

Whether studying as an overseas student, migrating permanently, or simply visiting Australia temporarily, the move stimulates a multitude of changes in your life, such as communicating in English, adapting to Australian culture, participating effectively in a class, making friends with locals, finding a job and being successful at work, navigating government systems, and much more. We can help you to make a successful transition to Australia so that you or you and your family are happy and settled.

There are many resources on the newcomers member’s lounge including a 2 hour podcast on Australian culture available in English and Chinese, as well as English as a second language practice sheets, links for community programs and support, and in addition, access to career and family membership at a discounted rate.

These resources support the Aussie program as described below.

The AUSSIE program includes:

For safety success – For overseas students, orientation for student accommodation or families migrating, orientation for housing and schools, neighbourhood, personal safety, transport, medical, visa requirements;

For academic success – English language tutoring, Participating in group work, Participating in the classroom, Developing critical thinking, analysis and creativity skills, Study skills, Techniques for special learning needs organised by counselor;

For cultural success – Australian culture available as podcast, in English and Chinese, Game show , Seminar (PowerPoint), Australian political system (sbs), How to do Anzac Day the multicultural way (sbs);

For social success – Making local friends, Managing social media and staying safe online, Pronunciation/elocution lessons, Deportment, make up lessons, grooming/dressing, manners including table, personal style, hygiene.

For life success – coaching on developing resilience, accountability, emotional intelligence, and more.

For career success – Morrisby careers test, Goal setting , Resume writing for part time uni Jobs and career jobs , Preparation for job interviews, Networking for your career;

For personal success – Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, Coping strategies for home sickness, Understanding and Managing stress, Personalized coping therapies (e.g., sound therapy, tapping, exercise, cooking, journal writing, etc.) organised by counselor;

Just for fun – Excursions, Many and varied, Preparation programs may include water safety, bushfire safety, travel safety.

Work Transitions and LIFE online membership

Workplaces change in response to changing markets, societal needs, legal regulations, leadership styles, and much more in order to be sustainable as a business, organisation, institution, government department, or other entity. We can assist with the management of the change process and the people resources in order to make it a successful and enduring transition.

Life develops resources regularly and makes these available on the member’s lounge.

Some of these resources include tip sheets on the following topics.

  • Balance – Striking a healthy work/life/family balance
  • Boss – Dealing with a difficult boss
  • Bullying – Coping with bullying at work
  • Communication – Communicating effectively at work
  • Grief – coping with grief at work
  • Presentations – How to deliver a good presentation
  • Stress – Managing workplace stress
  • Travel – Strategies to deal with a travelling spouse
  • Workload – Coping with a growing workload


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Webinars covering many topics

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