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LIFE has developed a number of ‘find my calling’ programs to provide the right Career Transitions support for you. See below for the program list.

Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

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Life Institute, Newcomer Transition, Find My Calling
Just flown in
For newcomers migrating to Australia and seeking a job
  • Settling in Australia
  • Understanding Australian culture including work expectations
  • Understanding the Australian labour market
  • Getting your resume into the Australian resume format
Life Institute, Family Transitions, Retirees Managing their Nest Egg
Leaving the Nest
For high school students
  • Choosing Subjects for years 10-12
  • Morrisby Careers Testing and one on one consultation (parents/carers)
  • Choosing courses for university
  • Choosing or finding a trade
  • $399
Life Institure, Career Transition, Career Change
Charting a new course
For young people wanting help with career direction only
  • Morrisby Careers Testing and one on one 2 hr Consultation
  • Finding a suitable direction
  • Study and Job options
Life Institute Career Couselling for University Graduates
Soaring like an eagle
For university graduates
  • Building up your resume with volunteering, part-time employment, internships, leadership experiences and more Morrisby Testing
  • Finding suitable graduate programs
  • Preparing for each graduate program including applications, assessment centres, practice interviews, psychometric and aptitude testing, and more
  • Choosing further postgraduate study options
Life Institute, Career Change Counselling
A new flight path
For anyone wanting a career change
  • Identifying transferrable skills
  • Understanding your ideal fit, culture of the workplace, values and role
  • Developing a behavioural style resume
  • Writing sensational cover letters and responses to key selection criteria
  • Retraining and researching best course
  • Networking and linkedIn
Life Institute, Job Outplacement
Leaving the coop
For anyone wanting outplacement
  • Dealing with the shock of losing your job
  • Getting in a good place emotionally so you can move on
  • Developing a career profile
  • Generating career and job options
  • Getting your finances under control
  • Creating a transferrable skills resume
$2499 for organisations and $1499 for individuals
Life Institute, job search
Find me a nest
For anyone just wanting a job
  • Motivation
  • Self confidence
  • Resume, cover letters, and key selection criteria
  • Job search
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Getting a job
Life Institute supporting causal, contract employment
Bird of passage
For anyone seeking contract work, gigs, casual employment or a portfolio career path
  • Resume and career check including individual business
Life Institute, Ethical jobs
Answering the call
For anyone wanting an ethical job
  • Securing a great job that matches your strong moral compass in areas such as health, animal protection, sustainability, protecting the environment, social justice, Human Rights, Youth work and much more
Life Institure, Career Transition, Government Job
A feather in one’s cap
For anyone wanting a government job
  • Application process
  • Resume building
  • Responding to key selection criteria
  • Networking and linkedIn
  • Interview practice
Life Institute, Transitioning out of the Defence Force
Recalibrating the bird
For defence force people transitioning to civilian life
  • Transition support into civilian life
  • Family support
  • Career profiling
  • Generating job options
  • Resume, cover letter and key selection criteria
  • Networking and linkedIn
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating a contract
Life Institure, Business Coaching, Personal Coaching
Building a nest
For anyone wanting business coaching
  • Starting a business
  • Writing a business plan
  • Gaining access to money and investors
  • Implementing a business plan
  • Coaching support
  • Crowdfunding
LIFE institute Find my calling program
Balancing the nest
For parents
  • Building confidence
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Career profiling
  • Generating job options and pathways back into work
  • Resume, cover letter and key selection criteria writing
  • Networking and linkedIn
$2499 for organisations and $999 for individuals
Life Institute supporting overseas students coming to Australia
Spring Chickens
For overseas students arriving in Australia
  • Understanding Australian culture
  • Choosing courses and visa requirements
  • Choosing school subjects
  • English support
$599 for individual contact us for group price
Life Institute, Overseas Students finding employment
Migrating South
For overseas students wishing to stay in Australia
  • Visas and migration
  • Understanding Australian working culture
  • Graduate programs
  • Finding a job
  • Setting up a business
  • English support
$1499 for individuals and contact us for group price
Life Institute, Overseas students returning home
Returning to the nest
For overseas students returning home
  • Identifying best career fit
  • linkedIn and Networking
  • Resume writing
  • Interview practice
  • Negotiating your work contract
  • Career Expos and Graduate Programs in home country
Life Institute, Students going Overseas
Spread your wings
For students seeking an overseas adventure
  • Live and work overseas
  • Study overseas
  • Volunteer overseas
  • Internships overseas
Life Institute, Refugees seeking employment
Fleeing with the flock
For refugees and asylum seekers searching for a career path in Australia
  • Settling into Australia
  • Seeking appropriate support services including dealing with trauma
  • Understanding Australian culture include work expectations
  • Understanding the Australian labour market
  • Getting your resume into the Australian format
  • Applying for jobs including cover letters and responding to key selection criteria
  • Networking and linkedIn
  • Interviewing
  • English support
Contact us for pricing
Life Institute, Job seeking with special needs
For job seekers with special needs
  • Understanding your abilities
  • Reaching your potential
  • Finding a job
Life Institute, Seeking Promotion
Cuckoo nest
For anyone wanting a promotion
  • Coaching to get that job
Life Institute, Work Counselling, Job Counselling
Ruffled feathers
For anyone wanting work related coaching
  • Resilience
  • Strategies to manage upwards
  • Decision making
  • Coaching for success
Life Institute, Couple Career Counselling
For couples with misaligned career directions
  • Couples needing to balance 2 careers
  • Coaching and counselling support
Life Institute, Retiring, Nest egg
Spending the nest egg
For seniors and retirees
  • Transitioning to semi-retirement and retirement
  • Temporary work
  • Board positions/consulting roles
  • Finding volunteer positions
  • Staying connected and community involvement
  • Ageing successfully
  • Preparing for support with aged care
$999 for individuals and contact us for group price.
Life Institute, Group Collaboration
A Murmuration
For groups who need to collaborate
Groups (teams, organisations, families) needing help connecting, syncing and moving in the same direction when the wind changes in life.
Contact us for pricing.
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Morrisby Test

What we offer

One on one Career Coaching and Counselling

Your coach will:

  • Guide you through the career Coaching and Counselling process
  • Develop a career profile with you which will identify your aptitudes, knowledge, skills, experience and accomplishments, interests (people, information or things), work style, personality, work cultural fit, values, motivations, quirks and more.
  • Explore career and/or study options and subject selection, recommend suitable job titles/courses to study to match your career profile, impart knowledge of the labour market and where the jobs are, and assist you to set realistic career/study goals.
  • Assist you to prepare a professional resume (with ats compatibility), write a convincing cover letter, and respond to key selection criteria for selected jobs.
  • Teach you how to conduct productive job searches using a variety of methods including face to face networking, online networking such as LinkedIn, other social media platforms such as Facebook, google and wechat, job boards and websites, and recruitment companies.
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment to practice answering questions for behavioural interviews, and to negotiate an attractive employment contract.

By participating in this career process with your coach you will:

  • Gain clarity about your story;
  • Be able to articulate your career goals;
  • Develop confidence in yourself;
  • Build skills to manage your career going forward;
  • Understand the labour market;
  • Be clear about your career direction;
  • And to be equipped to find your calling not only now but for the future to meet the ever changing world of work.

Career education and resources
The members lounge is full of educational materials that can assist with a successful career transition including you tube videos, live webinars, webinar recordings, tip sheets, resume templates, labour market resources, the find my calling workbook, tools and more.

Topics include

  • What to expect after graduating from school
  • Opportunities for gap programs
  • Understanding the job market and the future of work
  • Getting a grip of the gig economy
  • Creating my portfolio career
  • Goal setting for my career
  • Writing resumes, cover letters and key selection criteria responses
  • Honing your networking skills and optimising LinkedIn
  • Preparing for psychometric testing
  • Interviewing for job success
  • Getting a graduate position
  • Deportment and personal styling for career success
  • Paving a path for a smooth career transition
  • Staying optimistic after a job loss
  • Dealing with a difficult boss
  • Coping with a growing workload
  • Managing bullying at work
  • Finding a healthy work, life and family balance
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Understanding Australian culture and adapting to Australian work culture
  • Managing mental health at work
  • Creativity

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    Feedback from Career Transition clients

    I can’t recommend Julie enough. I approached Julie (recommended through a friend who had also had great success with her) when I was struggling with my career path and direction in general…

    Pharmaceutical Representative transitioning to Teaching (Female)

    Julie was a great source of advice and encouragement during my period of unemployment. She helped me develop and refine my search strategy and to polish up my CV…

    International Mining Executive (Corporate Affairs)

    During a challenging transitional period in my career, I decided I needed some career support/guidance. I found Julie’s details online. Julie enabled me to refocus on my career strengths and interests and gave me renewed energy to get my career back on track…

    Engineer (Male)
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