University graduates.

Type of Support

  • Building up your resume with volunteering, part-time employment, internships, leadership experiences and more
    Morrisby Testing
  • Finding suitable graduate programs
  • Preparing for each graduate program including applications, assessment centres, practice interviews, psychometric and aptitude testing, and more
  • Choosing further postgraduate study options


  • Morrisby Careers Test – Click here for sample tests and reports
  • Study Skills (Life Institute)
  • Webinar/Seminar on preparing for graduate programs
  • Find my Calling workbook for Graduates (Life Institute)


  • Option 1
    Half way through study
    Morrisby online Test, Report and
    One on one 1 hr career counselling consultation online skype
    Group webinar
    Building up your resume 1 hour
    linkedIn 1 hr webinar
  • Option 2 (must do above first)
    1 year before completing degree
    Group webinars/seminars
    Preparing for graduate programs
    Researching, choosing, applying(cover letters, resume, ksc,) assessment centres (psych testing prep, interview prep, activities prep)
    5 hours
  • Option 3
    Morrisby online Test, Report and
    One on one 2.5 hr career counselling consultation
    Including further study options