A new flight path

For anyone wanting a career change

  • Identifying transferrable skills
  • Understanding your ideal fit, culture of the workplace, values and role
  • Developing a behavioural style resume
  • Writing sensational cover letters and responses to key selection criteria
  • Retraining and researching best course
  • Networking and linkedIn
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Leaving the coop

For anyone wanting outplacement

  • Dealing with the shock of losing your job
  • Getting in a good place emotionally so you can move on
  • Developing a career profile
  • Generating career and job options
  • Getting your finances under control
  • Creating a transferrable skills resume
$2499 for organisations and $1499 for individuals
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Answering the call

For anyone wanting an ethical job

  • Securing a great job that matches your strong moral compass in areas such as health, animal protection, sustainability, protecting the environment, social justice, Human Rights, Youth work and much more
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Balancing the nest

For parents

  • Building confidence
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Career profiling
  • Generating job options and pathways back into work
  • Resume, cover letter and key selection criteria writing
  • Networking and linkedIn
$2499 for organisations and $999 for individuals
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