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Understanding Australian Culture and Being Successful at your work/study/community

A seminar for newcomers (migrants, overseas students, vistors and anyone interested in understanding their own Australian Culture in order to better understand other cultures).

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Webinars are seminars over the web. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can participate in a webinar. LIFE offers webinars to families and organisations on a broad range of topics of interest to parents, carers, teachers, students, managers and employees.

Benefits of Webinars:

There are many benefits of webinars. Webinars are:
  • Interactive as participants can ask questions;
  • Flexible as anyone can participate anytime and anywhere as long as they have access to a computer (currently available at workplaces, schools, libraries, councils and in many homes) and the internet;
  • Dynamic as delivery of information is based on current research and events;
  • Cost effective as there are no expenses associated with venue hire, travel, accommodation and printing for both presenters and participants;
  • Diverse as presenters and trainers are sourced from a large pool of talent;
  • Time efficient as participants can access them closer to home saving on travel time.

Webinar topics:

Career Management -

Understanding yourself, Writing a resume, Job search techniques, networking and interview role plays.

English as a second language -

Conversational English, Business English, English for kids and English for students seeking University entry and English for travel.

Caring for the Parent/Carer -

Transitioning back to work after parental leave, Managing Work and Family Stress, Stop screaming at the children and dumping on your family, Positive involvement in the school, Strategies to get adult kids out of the house!

Parenting/Caring for children and ageing loved ones

For young children 0 – 5 years - Dealing with Aggression in children, Tackling Tantrums, Establishing good sleeping habits for the whole family, Healthy eating for the whole family, Reducing personality clashes in family dynamics, Keeping children safe, Helping children to cope with fears and nightmares
For primary children 6 – 12 years - Strategies to deal with bullying, Making and keeping Friends, Coping with Homework, Building resilience in your child, Your child’s moral development, Managing Screen time
For Teenage children and Young adults 13 – 25 years - Educating parents and their teenage and adult children about the dangers of Drugs, Establishing good study habits for high school, Motivating your teenager, Managing HSC Stress, Safe use of the internet, Career transitioning

Resilience –Striking a healthy Work/Life/Family Balance, Dealing with bullying at school, Parenting in culturally diverse families, Coping with grief, Helping a depressed or anxious family member/friend, Moving with children, Making a smooth transition to parenthood, Separation, divorce, step families, Sibling rivalry, Parenting a shy child, Finding other strategies to manage children’s behaviour
Ageing - Transitioning to retirement, Caring for an ageing loved one, Aged care options, Moving a loved one to an aged care facility
Work/Life Balance – Managing flexibility for managers, Managing flexibility for employees, Personal Resilience at home and work, Coaching others for greater resilience at home and work
Recordings of Webinars: If a participant cannot attend a webinar, they can view the recording of it at their leisure.
Video file Click here to download a sample recording of a webinar [Windows Media File - File size: 14.2MB]
If you have a codec error appear, you can download the citrix software and view the webinar recording www.gotomeeting.com/codec

If you want to view the recording on a mac, you can use a program such as flip4mac.

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