Diversity at Work

This portal is for those interested in encouraging diversity at work and in the community to ensure equity and harmony in the workplace through understanding and respecting different cultures, people's choices, special needs, personal situations, and language capabilities. Organisations and individuals can achieve this by:

  • Identifying unconscious bias in recruitment, career management, promotion and retention.
  • Having transparent discussions that hightlight the benefit of a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Valuing individual skills that employees bring to the workplace including language, culture and international experiences.
  • Ensuring flexible work options are available.
  • Making arrangements for employees with special needs.
  • Taking steps to prevent discrimination and harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Australian Culture

LIFE has developed a comprehensive education program which assists new arrivals to Australia.

The program is 2 hours in length with an additional 2 hour audio/podcast on how Australian history has shaped

the Australian culture.

Suitable for anyone interested in Australian Culture, including overseas students, migrants, expats and tourists.

The full program is also available in Mandarin Chinese including the audio.

Australian culture and diversity

English Tutoring

LIFE can help you with your English. Need an essay checked, some extra tutoring on some aspect of grammar that you are

finding difficult, or some converational practice, LIFE is happy to assist.

Diversity Networking


LIFE hosts regular not for profit events aimed at developing and strengthening understanding and networks between corporate and government sectors and esteemed individuals and groups involved in caring for children and families in the community, such as authors, academics, government officials, high achievers in the community, and founders of charities. Suggestions are welcomed graciously.

In the past, LIFE has hosted sessions on Caring for Indigenous Families, Caring for Women in the workplace, Education through Theatre, and Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies.


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