Are you seeking a job, a study program, a career change, some voluntary work or retiring ? The Life Institute provides coaching and counselling support and services to assist you in your career and life pursuits. To see a full suite of programs available download the Find my Calling pdf below. Feedback from past clients can be viewed by scrolling down this page.

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Who do we help?

Anyone wanting a career change, looking for a new job, unemployed and seeking a job, leaving school and looking for a path, graduating and embarking on a career, immigrated to Australia and searching for work, starting a business, retiring and wondering what to do.

We work with individuals, families, schools, businesses and organisations.

What do we do?

For Individuals and families:

  • Self awareness (values, motivations, personality).
  • Morrisby Career tool testing for high school and university graduates.
  • Coaching and counselling in career options.
  • Course search.
  • Labour market analysis.
  • Job search techniques.
  • Resume writing.
  • Networking including navigating LinkedIn.
  • Interview techiniques including role plays for presentation and questioning.
  • Assistance with English and Culture for Migrants and international students.


For organisations and businesses, the LIFE Institute specialises in:

  • Face to Face Career transitioning and career counselling in many city locations around Australia.
  • Remote counselling in career transitioning using Skype, Citrix gotomeeting and telephone.
  • High potential female career support in line with ASX recommendations for women on boards (coaching in family support, career options within the organisation, flexibility, managing one's career, and utilising suitable resources).
  • Retiring employees transitioning out of the workplace, including establishing networks with the organisation's alumni and potential part-time/mentoring work.
  • Graduates seeking mentoring programs and career support.
  • Coaching managers on diversity in career management and employees on working and managing a career in a cross-cultural context.
  • Helping employees in career transitioning to learn about networking and the importance of LinkedIn.
  • Establishing meaningful work experience programs for youth.
  • Assisting migrants to transition to work.
  • Mentoring programs for indigenous employees.
  • Career and psychological testing.

We meet face to face in a suitable location including the city and via the web using Skype and Citrix gotomeeting technology.

Contact us: +61 (0) 414 737 943

Current and past clients are from very diverse backgrounds:

Occupations and industries- engineering, accounting, finance,  fitness, health, social work, communications, construction, government, the arts, music, theatre, trades, armed forces, retail, IT, design, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, law, science, property, ngos, and many more.

Cultural: Australian, New Zealand, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Greek, German, French, British, Irish, Scottish, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Fijian, Chilean, Lebanese, Korean, Syrian, Mauritian, Sudanese, South African, Russian, Kazakstan, Indonesian, French, Dutch and many more.

Levels: All levels - high school leavers, graduates, trades, general employees, specilalists, senior executives, government officials, business owners


Some feedback:

Pharmaceutical Representative transitioning to Teaching (Female)

I can't recommend Julie enough. I approached Julie (recommended through a friend who had also had great success with her) when I was struggling with my career path and direction in general. Julie helped me enormously. Julie coveres all bases - she carefully dissects and considers who you are as a person; interests, skill set, personality, strengths and weaknesses, and past and current experiences in the workforce; successes, failures, enviornments in which you thrive or suffer. she helped me put together an impressive and competitive CV and aided wit hthe cover letter process, whilst also providing a wealth of supporting materials. Julie was thorough, proactive and creative in her approach to marrying these strengths and providing realistic suggestions for specific organisations and roles in which I would succeed. Julie's industry knowledge is deep; she provided a realistic account of what each role wouldentail, and whether or not it would speak to my strengths as an individual on both a personal and a professional level. Outside of our one on one consulations, Julie has continued to provide advice, support and guidance with applicatoin processes and my career overall. I would recommend Julie not just from a career perspective, but from a personal one too, through allowing you to recognise and achieve your full potential.

International Mining Executive (Corporate Affairs)

Julie was a great source of advice and encouragement during my period of unemployment. She helped me develop and refine my search strategy and to polish up my CV. She came up with good ideas for new approaches to finding potential employers and helped me extend my network. But just as importantly, perhaps more so, she was a constant source of optimism. During the inevitable slow periods her positive focus re-energised me and got the process back on track. I had been out of work for 2 years before I started career counselling with Julie, but I developed confidence quickly whilst being supported by her and ended up with a great executive job again within a few months. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Engineer (Male)

During a challenging transitional period in my career, I decided I needed some career support/guidance. I found Julie's details online. Julie enabled me to refocus on my career strengths and interests and gave me renewed energy to get my career back on track. I am about to start a new job and I firmly believe the work I did with Julie helped me land this position. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Julie.

Female University Graduate (Arts)

Julie has been my career coach during my period as a new graduate. Julie's help has been completely invaluable in  the period of going from being a new graduate to getting a first professional job. Further, working with Julie has been a holistic process, that is, the focus has not just been 'to get a job' but rather on the process of getting to know you and your strengths - which is crucial as a graduate. This clarification of my strengths and interests as well as my hopes and goals has helped me realise what pportunities there are out there that are right for me and has given me the confidence to go for them! Also, I always enjoyed the sessions with Julie, she's eternally optimistic and good fun, she makes the whole process entirely pain-free. I would recommend Julie's services to anyone completely wholeheartedly, they are an investment worth making, whatever career centred transition you may be going through.

Australian Department of Defence (Male)

I was transitioning from a long career in the Australian Department of Defence and found Julie through the CDAA. Her flexibility in being able to connect with me whilst I was relocating between States started the relationship well. Julie took the time to meet with me several times to understand my beliefs and values before suggesting possible sectors that I could explore for my next career. Julie's support and perspective were invaluable in opening my eyes to a number of new opportunities and directions that I would not have considered on my own. Julie's guidance assisted me to transition successfully to a position managing a social enterprise in the Not For Profit Sector. It was a pleasure to be supported by Julie during an important life transition. Her genuine interest in helping people exceeded my expectations every time we met and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a professional service that supports the individual.

Psychology student transitioning to a role in Psychology (Female)

Julie has been a fantastic resource both in terms of helping me identify what career path is best suited to my interests and working style, but also in very practical terms of how best to get there. I had been bouncing around different industried for years chasing new opportunities but wihtout much structure or direction, finding that I was constantly moving sideways in my career, not forwards. Julie spent our first session really getting to know my skill sets and interests, and helped me identify a vareity of roles that would not only compliment these, but would keep me engaged over the decades to come. She was able to re-frame my past experiences into something more cohesive that helped me to appreciate where my strenghts lie, and taught me how to articulate this effectively in both CV and interview format. She has helped me make strategic decisions about my next steps (both short and long term) and has excellent insights into future developments across a huge range of industries. I find Julie to be wonderfully warm and encouraging, and each session I leave her office feeling considerabl more hopeful, excite and prepared for the future.

Mum returning to work (ICT Business Analyst)

I met Julie when I was looking for a way to get back into corporate IT project work after having a significant break to raise a family. I was out of touch with how the recruitment market was operating and the changes in corporate culture. Julie's support was immeasureable to me and her knowledge and guidance in the practical aspects of job hunting was paramount in my finding a job within 6 weeks of our first meeting. She provided specific and clear feedback on my CV, intervew practice and guidance as well as valuable insight into the workplace culture. She was always positive and compassionate and showed dedication to me as an individual as I worked through the changes in my mindset that I needed in my transition and return to corporate work. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking or needing career guidance at any stage of their life.

Female Compliance Professional in IT Security

I had been working for the same organisation for almost 20 years and I needed help to re-assess my career, make sure I was still on the right path and regain my confidence. I was confused and lost about what I wanted to do next in my life. What stood out for me when I first called Julie, was that she genuinely listened and wanted to know more about me and what help I was looking for. Julie is very engaging, highly knowledgeable, and perceptive. She is very approachable and has a lovely nature and sense of humour which made me feel comforable and made the sessions fun and rewarding. My sessions with Julie were structured enough to give me guidance but also very flexible to meet my needs and go at my pace. She understands people, the labour market, job trends, resume writing, social media, performance and salary reviews, and she supported me with all of these and more. What an amazing difference I've experienced in just the last 4 months. Working with Julie has helped me find my confidence and get a renewed energy and positivity back in my career life. Whatever industry, job or stage you are at with your career, I highly recommend Julie to help bring out your best.

Technical Analyst Superannuation

At the time I met Julie I had been unemployed for over six months and I was lacking confidence in my employability. Julie was really fantastic at helping me see my unique skill set and boosting my confidence that I would be re-employed. Once Julie had ascertained my values, work preferences and strengths she worked with me to re-format my CV as well as refocus my job search efforts to be more proactive (e.g., direct company approaches and networking) and online (linkedIn profile improvements). I have recently accepted a permanent job offer from a major profit to members organisation and I know that I will continue to seek her guidance as I progress my career.

Environmental Scientist (Male)

After the GFC, and moving abroad, my career bottomed out. I did some extensive research online to find some help - someone with some applicable and helpful perspective. I contacted Julie and, after we had spoken, it was clear from her experience and her manner, that she was going to be a valuable confidante, as well as a very useful professional adviser. Julie has an illuminating knowledge of various job markets and organisations, and was able to guide me through a process of self-assessment and decision making. After I applied the methods and techniques Julie suggested, I was head hunted. My career is back on track, and I firmly believe Julie played a significant role in this.

Communications Graduate (Male)

I first sought Julie's professional advice a little less than a year ago after completion of my first degree, when I was in dire need of an impartial but informed perspective. With rare tact and specialised knowledge, Julie provided this perspective, and steered me towards my present degree; a challenging and rewarding degree that offers a credible pathway to a career well suited to my skill-set and personal values. Julie also enlightened me to means to communicate my existent skill set and real professional experience, into the professional, clear manner an employer responds to, as well as introducing me to a former client, who was on a trajectory I aspired to, and granted me advice from her experience. Last year, I was confused about the direction I should take in life, as well as lacking confidence in my skill set and professional experience, but Julie allowed me to hone in on what exactly my skill set and experience was, where this skill set and experience could be utilised, and following the identification of that, how it could get me through the door. I doubt I would be in the rewarding, challenging degree I am now, without her.

New arrival from China (Business Administration)

I worked with Julie on the resume and career search process when I first relocated back to Australia. I found that Julie had a positive and enthusiastic approach towards work, and was quick in coming up with ideas. It was a good experience working with Julie, and I was impressed by the cultural awareness and sensitivity Julie has shown towards different cultures.

New Arrival from India (Accountant)

I selected Julie as my career counsellor after reading her online profile. In retrospect it was a great decision. For me she proved to be a big help in cover letter writing, job targeting and staying focused in my job search. In fact, I got a specific job opportunity due to her recommendation which I subsequently took up and has produced good results for me. Julie has been proactive in supporting my job search. In fact, she prepared a compete file folder on job search for me. She even got in touch with her own personal and professional networks to help me out where it was possible. Julie has a good sense of humour something very helpful in a serious mater like one's career. Further, she is diligent and quick to replying to her clients' questions. I fact she has also made lifestyle suggestions to me so I could maintain my balance - suggestions that have helped me feel better overall. I will anyday enthusiastically recommend Julie, if I were approached, to anyone looking for a career counsellor.

New Arrival from Italy (Digital Media/Arts and Communications)

I moved to Australia from Italy to join my family and start a new life. Living in a new country is an exciting experience, full of discoveries and new people. Sometimes it is difficult, especially when you realise that what you have done so far is not exactly what you want. This is what happened to me. Before meeting Julie, I was actually confused and needed to clarify my ideas before starting a new job in Australia. Thanks to Julie, I managed to look back at my professional experiences analysing and giving them the right value they deserved. Julie helped me rewrite my resume in a clearer and more professional way. I managed to better understand what I wanted and to create a path to reach my objectives. I worked with Julie also on interviewing and this was very helpful preparation for interviews. I acquired more confidence and self-awareness, and I became less nervous and more capable of answering questions in a clear and articulate way. Thanks to the interviewing preparation with Julie, I was successful in gaining a volunteer position in my dream job. I feel now ready to find a new paid job and pursue my dreams at the same time.

New Arrival from the UK (Events Management)

When I first met Julie I was quite confused about what I wanted to do with my life. I had recently moved from the UK and had no idea how things worked over here in Australia. I was a little apprehensive at first but Julie's warmth and compassion quickly made me feel at ease. This processs of 'clearing the fog' would take place over 6 sessions and would cover social media, my cv, interviews, specific job market information and so much more. Julie really is a fountain of information and is passionate about helping people integrate into their desired career or life. At the start of your sessions you will receive Julie's concise workobok which has lots of information, examples and homework and is in my opinion an invaluable tool for any one whatever their career level. At each session you set the pace with Julie nudging things along by asking insightful questions and giving to the pint advice. To be honest everything I needed was already there, I just needed some help to draw it out and channel it correctly. Perhaps the most important thing I got from my sessions with Julie is confidence. She will help you to engender a can do attitude whcih is so vital to your career and your overall health. it was a pleasure to work with Julie. Strongly recommended.

Year 10 Student Morrisby Report

Julie has been great in helping me make sense of the Morrsiby Report and pointing out possible career and study options in line with my personal and academic strengths. Being in year 10, I had no idea what to expect from this meeting and if I would even benefit from it. Julie is friendly and relaxed as we sat back around her big table. Looking at the Morrisby data on her big screen, she systematically worked through all the graphs in the report while having a relaxed discussion about the meaning of each item. This gave me a much clearer idea of what I was looking at. She then went online and showed me a plethora of career and study options to further investigate, pointing out pitfalls and benefits to look out for. While there is still alot of work to be done, I now feel alot calmer and find myself havinga clear direction and strategy to follow for the next 2 years until I finish school. It has been wonderful to start my school year without worrying about what to do about my future career direction and  I can now focus on my studies and prepare to be ready for university.