Corporate Theatre

Theatre for Special Events

LIFE offers a number of plays and musicals written and directed by Nadine Helmi which have a special message, such as caring for the environment and cultural understanding.

General Benefits of shows

Most of these shows are genuine family shows. The quality of writing and directing is such that also an adult audience will be thoroughly entertained together with their young folk sitting next to them.

Any issues that are brought up in the shows can be raised within the circle of the family, as the emotional experience gained through the drama on stage will urge young and older audiences to talk about it. Those discussions following a show often will provide a rare and exciting insight into what attitudes and beliefs one’s children hold.

The immediate intensity of this life experience and the possible inclusion of the whole family make a theatre show a truly special offering whether it is an educational tool or a corporate event.

Celebrating diversity

Mr Nguyen Throws a Party is an hilarious comedy for all ages from 5 about multiculturalism and tolerance. It appeals to children and adults alike and had several very successful seasons, including a 4 week sell-out tour through NSW. This is a well-crafted play which always stimulates a very lively post-show discussion.

"... a timely plea for racial understanding for audiences from early primary school to secondary and beyond. It makes its point with clarity and conviction, but does not become a sermon. Vigorous, assured and good fun."
Pamela Payne (Sun-Herald)

"The play's theme of common humanity overcoming suspicion and fear based on difference is especially relevant in this period of national soul searching. Highly recommended for both primary and secondary classes." 
"Newsmonth", Independent Education Union

"A very worthwhile experience for young audiences." 
Helen McGrath, Performances for Schools Coordinator, NSW Dept of Education and Training

Bullying/youth suicide/ teenage sexuality /the complicated world of teenagers

A Punch in the Face is a thrilling piece of theatre for teenagers from 14 and as well as for adults. First performed by Germany’s most famous theatre for young people, Grips, the play has been a hit in Berlin for over 10 years now. Translated and adapted by Nadine Helmi the show deals with a variety of difficult issues that all teenagers and young adults have to handle. These include violence and bullying at school, youth suicide, forming relationships, and family problems. Despite the serious issues the play is full of irreverent humour and action and ultimately truly uplifting.

"This is theatre on its mettle. Helmi's direction has a great sense of fun, but at the same time she confronts the serious issues of the play without compromise. While it has a lot to say and it raises prickly questions, it doesn't deliver platitudes, nor does it present an idealised and glossy world. Best of all, it respects its audience."
Pamela Payne (Sun-Herald)

"Realistic portrayal. Sure to provoke passionate and thoughtful discussion."
"Newsmonth", Independent Education Union

Environment education/ awareness of nature and wildlife/responsible waste disposal

Not in my Backyard is an interactive environmental musical set in the Australian bush. With a colourful set and catchy songs it tells the story of Wobble Wombat and Fairy Wattledust, who teach messy city kids a lesson or two about leaving their rubbish behind after a picnic in the bush. “Not in my Backyard” had several successful seasons at major venues including at the Sydney Opera House and the Seymour Centre and has enchanted and educated many children from 3 to 9.

"Excellent. The kids really loved it!"
Supervisor, Till I'm five Childcare Centre, Paddington

"Really gets the message across in a fun way. The children loved it, and the staff highly commend it."
Director, North Bondi Kindergarten.

Note: CD with songs available

Australian History/identity/heritage

The Secret of the Seven Marbles is always a hit with both young and older audiences. In a light hearted romp through Australia's early history, Max and Ella travel back in time 150 years, to a cottage in the Rocks where their great-great grandma lived as a girl. There they meet Tom, a ship's boy, and "Old Mac", an ex-convict. They discover the secret of the seven marbles, hidden under the floorboards all those years ago.

Finally a way to make history an exciting adventure for young people!

"We are transported to the Rocks in 1850s Sydney and the tale of the seven marbles unfolds with the customary humour and pace of the Surf 'n' Theatre Company's productions. Well done again Surf 'n' Theatre Company for a production that takes on serious themes honestly and makes them funny without trivialising them."

"Entertaining and educational. Kept the little kids laughing and excited the older kids' minds."
Trisha Starrs, Camdenville Before and After School Care

“Well-spun yarn. The storytelling is energetic and clear thanks to a terrific cast.”
Jason Blake, Sun Herald

Water safety

Swim for Life Co-written by Nadine Helmi and Meg Amagauchi from award winning water safety experts of Swim School Swim for Life is a musical revue for the very young from 2 – 9 years old. It features groovy songs (Music by Carolyn Shine) and delivers its important and life saving message with tremendous fun and action.

Note: CD with songs available

Role Plays

Role plays come to life when engaging professional actors. Whether it is dealing with bullying, sexual harassment, caring for children or the ageing, role plays can help!

Theatre for Work

LIFE is developing a series of plays/musicals for people in the workplace each with a special message about working life.