Coaching at LIFE is an educational process that is based on respect for the individual, development of self awareness, self management and effectiveness in relationships. We offer executive coaching for people in management roles which includes; improving productivity, giving and receiving feedback, managing upwards, managing flexibility, managing women, time management, organisational skills, effective emailing, public speaking, cultural transitions, diversity at work and much more.

We also offer life coaching for all employees which includes; dealing with change and transitions, coping with study and work, balancing work and family, parenting, caring for an ageing loved one, stagnation in life, setting and achieving personal goals, dealing with a difficult boss, public speaking, managing stress, retirement and much more.

Coaching has many benefits for individuals, teams and the organizations as a whole. For individuals, coaching can help get more done in less time, communicate more effectively, get finances in order, feel better physically and emotionally, improve your quality of life, deepen relationships, eliminate the focus on small things and develop a sense of appreciation for the important things, and help you embark on a path that is constructive and positive.

For Organisations, coaching can help identify visions and set strategies for achieving organizational goals, build a cooperative culture that is based on trust and self-managing teams, increase morale, develop great leaders, resolve conflict quickly and effectively, attract and retain quality employees, improve sales, customer service, productivity and the bottom line.

LIFE has access to a wide range of coaching tools which establishes a environment conducive to change, development and growth for the coachee.

Some of the tools include:

  • Eradicating tolerations
  • Personal foundations
  • Attraction checklist
  • Defining Ethics
  • Relationship overhaul
  • Things to work on
  • Creating a virtual assistant
  • Emotional reactions
  • Prioritising platform
  • Personal foundation
  • Annual life planner
  • Annual goal chart
  • Budget home and business
  • Buff it up program
  • Business mission
  • Effective communication test
  • Clean sweet program
  • Self care program
  • First year checklist
  • Internet marketing
  • Defining your life
  • Coaching focus areas
  • Currently reality
  • Creating good habits
  • Adrenaline self test

Executive, Parent and Life Coaching is available by phone or in person.

Tracy Tresidder,  Judyth Wiley and Rebekka Tuqiri are LIFE's coaches.

To find out more about Tracy, Judyth and Rebekka go to About Us

Tracy, Judyth and Rebekka are based at our offices below:


54 Park Street Health Club

170 Castlereagh Street

Sydney NSW 2000

For appointments:

T: +61 (0) 2 9282 8999


Need to talk to someone first on the LIFE team to learn more about our professional services and our team

contact Dr Julie Rosengren.


T: 0414737943

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