Coaching for Greater Resilience at home and work

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Seminar Outline

In life we don’t always have control over what happens, but we do have control over how we respond. Being resilient is a way of responding that leads to positive outcomes, such as healthy relationships, success and happiness. Knowing that resilience is a response that has such wonderful benefits, how then do we as parents and carers develop and encourage resilience in those we care about?

As people we care for grow, change and develop we find there is a need for a process that supports, guides and challenges them in a way that enhances their resilience to obstacles, transitions and setbacks in life. One way to increase resilience in those we care about is through coaching. Coaching is a process that is driven by the person who wants support.  In longer term relationships, such as those between parents and their children, there are normally many interactions, thus providing more opportunities for coaching on resilience.

ResilanceThe seminar will cover the following areas:

Raising a Resilient child

Stress - Teaching children how to manage stress through preparation, personal control and relaxation techniques.

Developing networks and support for children - How to make and keep friends. What is bullying? What to do when your child is bullied. What to do when your child is the bully. How to talk to your child about bullying and other social/emotional issues; such as dealing with transitions and change, lowered self esteem, coping with challenges and obstacles in life, making decisions, coping with loss and grief, building efficacy and belief in themselves, achieving their goals, and much more.

Increasing your child’s emotional intelligence - The primary focus is on how to coach your child on the many and varied social and emotional encounters they experience as part of their day to day interactions with siblings in the family, friends at school, mates on a sports team, and so forth. The main skill gained from this seminar is coaching children, in particular active listening and powerful questioning. This process of coaching helps children learn to be resilient, accountable and be able to make and keep friends and enjoy healthy family relationships.

The seminar is suitable for parents/carers who have primary and teenage children.

If you already find that you are listening and talking to your 3 year old child each day and want to learn more about how to coach them really well, then come along.

If you have adult children who need your support, but you don’t know how to coach them on things like transitions in their career, separation and divorce, etc. then it’s never too late to learn.

Participants will receive a useful contacts list for community resources, a booklist with suggestions  for great reads for children and resilience on  a range of resilience issues as well as many tip sheets including: Striking a healthy Work/Life/Family Balance, Dealing with bullying at school, Parenting in culturally diverse families, Drugs and your teenager, Helping children cope with nightmares and fears,  Making and Keeping Friends, Teaching kids to be considerate and grateful, Coping with grief, Talking about love, Helping a depressed or anxious family member/friend, Moving with children, Making a smooth transition to parenthood, Peer pressure and influence, Pros and Cons of rewarding children, Starting School, Separation, divorce, step families, Stop shouting at the children, Sibling rivalry, Parenting a shy child, Finding other strategies to manage children’s behaviour, Tackling Tantrums, Strategies to cope with a travelling Spouse.