Healthy Family Living - (1 Hour)

Healthy Family LivingSeminar Outline

  • Being a healthy role model for the family – children do what they see you do more than what you tell them. Gain a new appreciation for a importance of a powerful role model.
  • Goal Setting – Research tells us that when we have a goal we are more likely to reach that goal. You will spend time writing your own family goals for a healthy life.
  • Establishing healthy habits for children – The subconscious plays a significant role in determining the success of our diet and exercise regime. You will gain a thorough understanding not only of the power of habits, but also of the power of beliefs, attitudes, parenting style, expectations and feelings in the decision making for your family’s health.
  • Quick Tips for Healthy Family Living – We will explore 20 quick tips for establishing and maintaining a healthy family lifestyle.
  • Question time – open discussion throughout the presentation.

An ebook is available with this seminar as well as tip sheets on the following: Children’s Development – Nutrition, Eating - Establishing good eating habits, Drugs - Drugs and your teenager, Motivation – Motivating children, Personality - Understanding your child’s Personality and temperament, Rewards – Understanding rewards and children, Screen Time – How to set limits for screen time, Smacking – Why smacking doesn’t work.

Women's Health (1 Hour)

Seminar Outline:

• Hormones
• Breast Cancer
• Syndrome X
• Cardiovascular disease
• Women’s nutritional needs
• Exercise for women
• Self esteem
• Depression
• Well women check list

Men's Health (1 Hour)

Seminar Outline:

  • Why Men's Health
  • Macho Man or madness
  • Sexual health
  • Urinary problems
  • Cancer - skin, bowel, prostate
  • Mental Health
  • Early detection
  • Reducing risk
  • Controllable risk factors
  • Well Man's Check List