Parenting for the Early Years: 0 - 5 Years

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If you are a parent to young children, about to take the plunge into parenthood, or are involved in raising young children, then this workshop is for you. With a focus on the early years, birth to five years of age, this workshop will provide you with a toolbox of knowledge and skills that can be applied easily and readily to help promote healthy growth and development of young children and build strong foundations for happy family relationships.

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Feedback from past participants:

"I will most definitely be recommending this workshop."
Hudson, Sydney

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The workshop will cover the following areas:

Emotional development – Through learning about how children develop from birth to age five,participants will gain an insight into how to manage expectations of their children and create an atmosphere of empathy and love.

Directing behaviour – Explore familiar child-parent interactions in a realistic and honest context and develop an awareness of how rewards, consequences and punishment - if used with poor knowledge and skill - can lead easily to bribery and threats.

Managing family stress – Learn how to be an optimistic parent by being conscious of what you say and do; learn the magic trick of giving instructions in a positive way by understanding the subconscious drivers of behaviour.

Understanding feelings in the family – Gain an understanding of why a vocabulary of feelings is such an important gift for your child; how reading your own feelings can help to work out what’s going on with your child; how temperament can make you smile or drive you crazy; and parenting style - the key to harmony.

Work/Life/Family balance – Participate in an exercise on work/life/family balance, which will demonstrate the importance of striking and maintaining a balance in life.

Participants will receive a workbook with the content of the workshop as well as tip sheets on topics, such as sleeping like a baby, crying to communicate,tackling tantrums, establishing healthy eating habits, the new parent, love, the balancing act, biting, smacking, and aggression.

In addition, a list of children’s books will be included, providing useful tools to help parents teach children about social/emotional issues at their level. A list of useful telephone numbers and websites for parents and carers will also be included.

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